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Company introduction

Shenzhen ODLE Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional private unit of industrial lighting, LED lighting, solar lighting, lamp lighting, explosion-proof electrical appliances. Depot Optoelectronics R & D, manufacturing, sales of high-tech units. Main products: LED explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof flashlight, anti-glare floodlights glare through street, shock Spotlights, full automatic flood work lights, mobile lighting trucks, explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof cast light , explosion-proof floodlight, explosion-proof platform lamp, explosion-proof road lights, within the field of explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof emergency lights, explosion-proof induction lamp. products are widely used in electricity, coal, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, railway, large venues, fire, forces, flood control and disaster relief industries.

The company strictly according to the ISO9001 international quality system certification standards, the GB3836-2010 "for explosive gas atmospheres perform production testing electrical equipment standards and other relevant national standards. Company's products to the state-of-the-art electro-optical concept, the use of the most cutting-edge science and manufacturing technology, based on in-depth understanding of customer needs information, after repeated experiments examiner, technically sound into product design to ensure that the performance of each product highly stable, energy efficient, fine appearance.

The quality of ODLE change the world, adhere to the path of professional development, adhere to the quality of the product quality above all else. Quickly and efficiently provide customers with targeted, customized lighting solutions to create value for customers. Grasp customer needs, enhance brand value, to enhance lasting products on the market share. Focus on cultivating high-quality professional management team and professional staff, important cities in the country to set up a professional service centers and Professional Services, marketing and service network will be the basic coverage of the Chinese market to customer needs, expectations and satisfaction continue to be sensitive to, and provide customers with high-performance, professional and quick service.

the ODLE vision target as "the world's leading industrial lighting and explosion-proof electrical suppliers of the most well-known brands.

Future, Shenzhen ODLE Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the difficulty, and never give up, strive toward the vision of the company steadily forward!